We have similar chins. πŸ’™

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Printed Jumpsuit
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Fucking yes. πŸ‘„

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10 Ways To Be More Tough & Resilient In The Face Of Adversity



There can be no war without fighting, and oftentimes the fear, hatred, depression and pain we experience in life comes as a result of our underlying belief that we must fight to be happy, we must fight to succeed, and we must fight to be whole …

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I keep coming back to this. And I cannot express how true this is & I’m glad this can do it. Incredible. Worth a lifetime of meditating on.

It is revolutionary for any trans person to choose to be seen and visible in a world that tells us we should not exist. - Laverne Cox

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For anyone who might need to hear this right now… A card my friend made, that I just found while cleaning. On one side is Orion (the constellation) as viewed through a window. On the other side are the words:

I pledge myself to the clarity which caot be named.

And I pledge myself to love, and to its expression, justice, which pierces the darkness as starlight pierces the night and promises the dawn.

I intend now that every obstacle to clarity and love be removed, internal and external.

Fall is for dresses + skirts! Which I already miss.

To make this:
β€’Fall Weather Friendly: wool tights + sturdy boots.

{ Dress is 1940s slip from #TreasureTroveVintage. } @treasuretrovevintage

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Joan Collins

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Monday blues

WISH my Monday blues looked like this.


Eartha Kitt c. 1954